Is There Life After Game of Thrones?

What is it about Game of Thrones? Source: Really Late Reviews Game of Thrones has set a new standard for what we can expect of a television series. The HBO production not only felt more like a movie experience when you were watching it, but the various plot twists and turns kept viewers hooked season after season. Now that the programme is approaching its finale, many fans are wondering what they will do without a new episode to look forward to. What can you do to make sure that don't feel too down about its final chapter?

Get Online

Remember that there is a whole community of Game of Thrones fans online that will also be going through the same withdrawal symptoms from their favourite show as you. Join an online GoT community or two – there are hundreds of them, after all – and rant about your loss. It is a bit like shouting into the void, but you can feel better about the situation knowing that you have expressed your feelings in some way. You're bound to find a sympathetic ear from true GoT aficionados. Even if you don't, then you can always enjoy a little online gambling, perhaps with a GoT-themed slot or a table game, in order to take your mind off the loss.

Distract Yourself With Comedy

The thing about a great TV drama series - from Killing Eve to The Wire - is that there is often a genuine sense of a void in your life when a season comes to an end. If no further shows are in production, then it is not too much to say that the sense of loss you might feel is close to that which you might feel from a bereavement. In such circumstances, you might not feel like laughing but it really can be the best medicine of all. Therefore, one of the most proactive things that you could try after you have watched the final episode of GoT is to binge on a comedy series. Avoid another drama box set for the time being because it is not likely to stand up to GoT and you'll be unfairly comparing it throughout. Instead, go for a comic series that raises a smile and helps you to feel better about watching TV at all.

Revisit the Show, But Only When You're Ready

If you can watch Game of Thrones on demand or have purchased the box set of DVDs, then don't immediately dive back in with the first season to re-watch it. Instead give yourself a break, but do set aside some time when you can watch multiple episodes back-to-back. When you have been viewing a show and had to wait for the various episodes to be broadcast, it is not always easy to follow all of the plot details and subtleties. This is not the case when you binge watch, however. Before you settle down to watch three or four episodes back-to-back, have a look at some of the various documentaries about the production of the show, too. All of this will help you to enjoy the second viewing much more. Indeed, like re-reading a good book, you are likely to find things in it that you never noticed the first time around.

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