Important Pop Culture Moments

Important Pop Culture Moments Source: laughingsquid There are innumerable milestones in pop cultures in the last 100 years. While it’s tough to boil them down, we have attempted to look at a handful of significant moments that had a lasting impact.

Handmaids Tale Makes Streaming Legit

Since its inception, television programming and services have been controlled by major news networks and broadcasting corporations. By the 90’s they held onto our entertainment with an iron grip. It took the creation of the Internet for a few innovators to create a new paradigm that removes the power from the decadent corporations and gives it back to the people. Online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu may seem like only facilitating a service and delivering something to customers they didn’t even know they could have, but they represent so much more. They have essentially brought about a new entertainment revolution, legitimised by the fact that a Netflix original, A Handmaid’s Tale, found critical and commercial acclaim along with bagging a few awards.

LSD Goes Public

LSD Goes Public Source: businessinsider First synthesised in 1938, the psychoactive drug LSD, or rather Lysergic Acid Diethylamide would find its way to the streets in the 60’s and alter popular culture forever. Whether it altered things literally or by way of the effect it had on entertainers and artists, it’s undeniable that it made a huge impact. The very word and world of psychedelic found its alma mater in America around 1965, when LSD was discovered by a generation of kids and entertainers just looking for a way to escape the routine and rules of their out of touch parents. If psychedelic colours and bright lights sound like fun, check out Starburst! This super slot is loads of fun, and can be enjoyed at Royal Vegas Casino – no ingesting of hallucinogenic substances required! Starburst Source: youtube 

David Bowie As Ziggy Stardust

Essentially having the same impact as LSD on popular consciousness, David Bowie made an indelible impact on popular culture with his outrageous style and performances. If you can imagine Lady Gaga showing up in the 60’s then you know exactly what the impact was of Bowie. The fact that he backed up his image with an incredible body of work, and then went on to redefine the 70’s and 80’s as well, we should all thank our lucky stars for this snuggle-toothed god.

Reinventing The Superhero

Reinventing The Superhero Source: bitrebels Superheroes are as undeniably part of our culture as being annoyed by your parents. They have been around saving people and getting the girls since recorded history began. By the end of the 90’s when the universally panned Batman and Robin film came out, Hollywood had done what it does best, beating something beautiful into submission thanks to greed and hubris. For a while it seemed that the superhero was dead. Fortunately, the world never forgot how awesome Batman is, and Christopher Nolan with the help of some amazing actors reinvented the superhero genre. He made their cartoon world more realistic and dramatic. It succeeded at first, but many people feel that once again Hollywood has taken things too far. Modern superhero films have become all drama in a time when many people just want to see justice prevail colourfully. Can you think of an iconic pop culture moment from your lifetime?

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