How to avoid being hungry and angry (Hangry)

hungry We’ve all had that feeling before – you’re so hungry that you just want to tear a new one into someone. Being hungry can bring on many emotions, most of them negative - irritability, restlessness and anger always seems to be the predominant feelings experienced when your stomach starts to rumble. In fact, sometimes you feel so moody from hunger, you just want the whole world to go away while you stew in your own pot of loathing and crankiness   J law There’s a term for this feeling; its called “hangry” (hungry + angry).  Believe it or not, there’s actually some solid science behind this word. The science of hangry relates to the processes occurring inside your body. Simply put, being hungry will have a physiological effect on you, and make you angry. Let’s break down this science:

  • Everything that you eat, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats, is digested into simple sugars that distributed to your vital organs and used for energy
  • As time marches on after your last meal, the number of nutrients circulating in your bloodstream will starts to drop
  • Should your blood-glucose levels drop too much, your brain will perceive it as a life-threatening situation
  • As such, it will become difficult to concentrate and you may make careless mistakes and even lose your cool

Harry Potter Never fear though, because there are ways to control your hanger!

Here are some tips:

  • Keep snacks next to your work station or by your lounge area
  • Snack on something before the hunger pains hit
  • Aim to eat healthier and more natural foods that contain more nutrients, rather than junk food

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