Hot or cold casino games – what does it mean?

Row of casino slots

Have you ever noticed the thermometers attached to the casino games at Royal Vegas and wondered what they mean? These are gauges of the “temperature” of the game. If it’s in the red, the game is considered hot, and yellow means the game is cold. The game’s temperature is affected by the amount of play it’s getting. The hotter it is, the more activity it’s receiving and, according to one school of thought, more activity means your chances of a payout are higher.

Hot casino game thermometer

Cold games are the ones that haven’t seen a lot of action. This doesn’t mean they are money-swallowers, it simply means they haven’t been getting as much attention as the hot ones. The payouts are not as high, because they haven’t seen as much traffic. Imagine a slot machine in a quiet corner of a casino. That slot would be categorized as cold if nobody plays it, but a janitor passing by could pop one coin in and win a fortune.

Thermometer cold

Because the reels are run by a Random Number Generator, there is no single, foolproof way to predict what they will do. However, some people think that hot games and more activity could translate into higher chances of a payout, while others favour the quiet slots in the corners, as they haven’t paid out in a while and could be right on the brink. Either way, the thermometers are there to let you see just how hot your chosen slot is on any given day at Royal Vegas Online Casino.

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