Helpful Health And Fitness Wearables

Fitbit Lifestyle Source: Keeping healthy is an essential part of modern life. From making sure you get enough exercise, to ensuring your sleep is plentiful, but not too plentiful. It can all be a bit overwhelming to keep track. That is, unless you make use of some of these excellent wearable technology devices. Now, it isn’t difficult to imagine that you might land up strapped with enough electronic devices to make you appear somewhat cyborg. Thankfully, however, many of these devices have multiple functionalities, meaning that only one need be purchased for a full range of features. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful and helpful wearable tech health devices available right now.

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit bracelets are becoming ever more popular, and there is little wonder why. Being a small, nonintrusive device that straps to the wrist like a watch, a Fitbit is capable of tracking a number of important details about the wearer. Fitbit Surge Source: In fact, the Fitbit Surge can be called an all in one health tracking companion. Having a built in GPS, heart rate monitor, and even capable of notifying you about phone messages, there is almost nothing a Fitbit can’t do. Did we mention it also helps monitor your sleep patterns? Fitbits connect wirelessly to most smartphones, and relay information on a constant basis. The Fitbit need not even be in range of the phone all the time, and will update information when once again regaining a connection. Fitbits are popular, and for very good reason. They’re excellent in design and functionality. If you’re quite active then Six Acrobats is the online slot for you! Play this great game at Royal Vegas and marvel at the antics of those who are in great health – and are extra fit too!

Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria Source: If you already have a Fitbit, the Fitbit Aria is what you need to make a full health tracking system complete. The Fitbit itself tracks a great many things about the wearer, but not the wearer’s actual weight. The device needed to complete the system is the Fitbit Aria, which is a simple, easily portable scale that relays information to the Fitbit bracelet. The best thing about the Fitbit Aria is that it automatically tracks multiple users, and is able to relay the information to the correct user, without having to be manually adjusted. You will, of course, need a Fitbit itself for full functionality.


PIP Source: Amazon Stress is one of the major problems of modern society, and cannot be overlooked. Devices such as the Fitbit won’t specifically take note of stress levels, but the PIP is designed to do exactly that. A small, convenient device that can be held between thumb and forefinger, the PIP relays information to your smartphone about your current stress levels. And that’s not all. The phone app designed to work with the PIP helps the user control their current stress. In an innovative and clever design, a scene is displayed on the phone, which will change gradually, the lower the stress levels of the user. In this way the user quickly learns to de-stress, with a visual representation that helps in the most serene and calming fashion.

Muse Headset

Muse Headset Source: Pinterest And last but not least is the Muse Headset. Boasting ground-breaking design, the Muse Headset tracks your brain activity, helping those who enjoy mediation monitor their brain activity, and more accurately and quickly achieve a calm, relaxed state of mind. Such a device would surely have been impossible just a few short years ago, at least in a form that is purchasable by the public. But the Muse Headset is here, and ready to help those serious about meditation reach the next level with a much clearer path. The Muse Headset works via a connection to a compatible smartphone, and is available now to purchase online. Which wearable do you have, or do you want to buy?

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