Handy ways to save your money

Save money Image courtesy of flickr.com When it comes to having fun, it often seems that your fun quotient is directly related to your monetary limitations, or sometimes, lack thereof. You might be dying to let your hair loose and go a bit crazy on the weekend, but end up having a quiet Saturday night at home. Why is this the case? Well, you’ve probably maxed out your credit card and dried up your wallet after paying all the bills and buying pesky things that are required to keep us in good stead and good home. However, never fear- you can still have a good time even when financial times are tough. Here are a few tips to stretch your buck for all its worth so you can still have fun:   Money Image courtesy of saauatobuyer.co.za

Car pool with friends

With oil prices reaching record-high levels in recent years, it has become more expensive than ever to drive your car. Why not car pool with some friends or work colleagues? You can split the cost of filling up and take turns giving each other lifts. It is amazing how much you can save by simply changing this element of your lifestyle

Create a budget and stick to it

Many people are blissfully unaware of how much they are spending every month, and waste so much on frivolous expenses. Put together a balanced budget, cut all the unnecessary buys, and start saving each month

Cut down on your electrical spend

Are you the type of person who leaves a light on when you leave a room? Well, you really shouldn’t, as not only are you harming the planet, but you’re also wasting tons of cash on your electric bill. Adopt a few reasonable methods to save on electricity, and watch your bank balance light up at the end of the month.

Buy in bulk

It’s amazing how much money you’ll find that you’ve saved if you buy your groceries in bulk. Short term trips to the local shops or market trend to end up in unnecessary splurges that weigh heavily on your finances. All that extra money you save will also give you the chance to play one of Royal Vega’s progressive games, where millions lie in wait!   business-money Image courtesy of skyscanner.net

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