The Future Is Exciting

Source: Pixabay Have you ever taken a minute to sit back and reflect on the advancements that technology has made? Think about how far we’ve come since the first cellular device – it no longer needs to be supported by both hands, it weighed a ton back then and would be pretty useless if you didn’t pull the oversized aerial out. Nowadays, smartphones can take crystal clear pictures while slowing down the shot in real time. They have lossless camera zooming, quick charge functions, laptop-grade storage, facial recognition, invisible water resistance, massive memory and processing power, and so much more, all fitted into a compact design no bigger than the palm of your hand. That’s only one example of major technological advancements that have recently graced us with their presence. Also, as its sophistication is continually improved, it consequently becomes more widely available and affordable for all working classes. The latest in gizmos and gadgets are no longer reserved for the likes of the rich and famous – any average joe can now flaunt the latest iPhone, MacBook pro or invite you to see the latest cinematic title on their shiny 55-inch, smart-High-Definition-curved Samsung TV. The possibilities are endless, and that’s exactly what we plan to divulge in next.

3D Entertainment

Grainy 3D experience might be a thing of the past, since the latest in 3D developments are sharper, bolder, and more complex than ever before. Take, for example, James Cameron’s Avatar – part 2 is a 3D release, but its viewing will ditch 3D glasses entirely. It famously grossed the highest in the history of movies, and while 3D technology has been around for some time, it successfully upped frame-rates, and modern computers have assisted in making it simpler and less expensive to produce. These days, 3D technology invades our homes in the form of 3D televisions and gaming systems, ultimately changing film and our outlook on entertainment. Get the ultimate 3D experience at Royal Vegas Casino when you play games like NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk Online Slots. Great graphics, great winning opportunities!

Upgrading Medical Advancements

Technology has completely changed the game, because now 3D printing will make way for artificial limbs to be distributed amongst Madagascar and Togo patients. 3D printing prosthetic limbs make the world of difference because it saves medical on- site teams so much time. It’s especially helpful to lower-income countries, like Madagascar and Togo, because up to 15% of the population require assistive devices, like artificial limbs, and only a fraction of them have access to it. The project being trialled in Madagascar and Togo is part of Impact 3D – a programme that first launched in November last year. It also enables scans to be sent directly by telephone to the specialist who’s responsible for making the digital orthotic on a 3D printer, according to a manager at Impact 3D. The programme is aimed at providing prosthetic and orthopaedic support for patients who can’t afford it, and it’s being funded by the Belgian Development Agency. Source: Pixabay

Technology: Forever Our Saving Grace

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to fully-comprehend the impact that technological advancements have made. In terms of entertainment, the digital age has been transformed, presenting us with the gift of motion gaming, 3D viewing, digital television, smart television, airplay and touchscreens. As for medical advancements, so many lives have been saved, and even just prolonging it makes a big difference. Human medicine and health studies have also greatly benefited from these advances, and now further research can be conducted to improve other human health challenges and shortages even more. Technology has given us access to ultra-sounds, cat scans, MRI machines, artificial wombs and robotic surgeons, just to name a few. We have a lot to be thankful for, and with scientists and industry experts working tirelessly to make our lives a bit better, it certainly helps in making life a tad easier to bear.

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