Food Tourism: Sink Your Teeth into the World

tourists and locals enjoy Camden Market, a London market full of attractions and food vendors and restaurants Source: Leah Davis For many people, some of the best memories in life involve food. Memorable family dinners during holidays, that sea bass you had on a cruise to the Bahamas, and the baked Alaska you dined on the night your fiancé proposed to you. Travel also creates significant memories: cycling through the Alps, taking the train through France, and riding horseback across Iceland. If you enjoy experiencing food and travel, consider putting the two together as food tourism. One such food tourism trip could take you from playing online casino games at home to traveling to Vegas and savouring shrimp cocktail at the internationally-renowned Carnival World Buffet.

A Love Affair Between Food and Travel

Why do food and travel go together like peanut butter and jelly? This perfect pairing works because when you think of Italy, you imagine dining on the finest Neapolitan-style pizza in Naples. You think of France and imagine eating exceptional Camembert and a fresh baguette as you tour Marseilles on foot. Deciding on a location based on the culinary treasures you can expect to eat lends itself to a hearty, multi-dimensional memory made from that experience, connecting you to the culture, society, colour, flavour, and history of that place. According to World Food Travel, food is apparently now a main motivator when people decide where to travel. This has led to food tourism or food travel, which is seeking travel based on the food the region is known for. Choosing a location based on food opens up a textural and substantial dimension of visiting a place where simply touring the countryside or walking through centuries-old buildings may not solidify the place as firmly in your memory. The food tourism industry began roughly in the early 00s. People were beginning to connect seeking specific food and drink with regions germane to those gastronomical delights. By 2012, food tourism had caught up with mainstream adventurers and travellers, including destination cooking classes, food tours, winery and distillery tours, local hole-in-the-wall establishments, and street food sampling. As of 2018, food tourism has been a prevalent fad. Travelers make a point of spending extensive time and money on food and beverage experiences, considering it a significant part of the traveling experiences.

Five Delectable Food Travel Destinations

How far would you travel for the best bowl of pho? While there are countless destinations, food tours, and cooking classes you could enrol in to truly capture the taste of a region, here are five favourite places to get you started. Wine and Dine in Mendoza, Argentina – With the Andes as your backdrop, enjoy several top wineries and exquisite restaurants in Mendoza. You will find excellent local food, impressive wine, and memorable adventure in this beautiful land. Try Bodega Ruca Malen for lunch and wine tasting and Siete Fuegos for unique fine dining on an open fire. Street Food in Manila, Philippines – Manila is known for its street food. If a diverse palate of street food vendors and a gorgeous island city tempt you, we recommend this destination. One must-try street food delicacy is balut, which are 21-day-old fertilized duck eggs. Another dish you should look for is siomai. Influenced by the Chinese, this is a dumpling made from meat and vegetable filling and sealed with a special wrapper. a night market in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background Source: Jean-Pierre Dalbera/Flickr Food Makes Paris Come Alive – When you are in Paris, France, the best way to enjoy the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Sacre-Coeur is by pairing it with essential Parisian food. Taste croissants for breakfast, croque monsieurs for lunch, and escargot and frog’s legs for dinner. For the full French culinary experience, you will also want to hit some street food stalls or a crepe vendor. You may even want to try a full-day tour, like the Paris Secret Food Tour: Taste of Montmarte to live and eat like the French. Big Eats in London, England – Many people hear that England does not have good food, except for bland, overly boiled vegetables and oily fish and chips. What you may not realize is that London is the food capital of the world. Beyond 1500 afternoon tea opportunities, you can find exceptional international food choices, shop local markets like the Camden Market, eat exciting street food at Boxpark in Shoreditch, or try a gelateria in Soho. Tapas in San Sebastian, Spain – San Sebastian is a smaller resort city found on the Bay of Biscay. It is located in Spain’s rich Basque Country and is packed with history, breath-taking beauty, colourful culture, and, of course, great food. Find food tours, cooking classes, an tapas crawls that lead to days of wine-tasting and dining on unique and unforgettable cuisine, such as pincho, which is a traditional small bread snack eaten often in bars. You will also find multiple 3-star restaurants in the area and some Michelin star chefs not far away in the Rioja wine region.

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