Fashion Week 2017 #1: New York City

New York fashion Week New York City is abuzz with fashionista in all forms and flavours.  Designers are showcasing their Spring Summer 2018 collections under the watchful gaze of buyers, celebrities, starlets and the uncompromising commentators of top fashion magazines. This year, the theme running through the first week of internationally paraded haute couture is Sustainability, with a capital S.  The use of natural dyes and materials is complimented by neutral colours and textiles; printed, embroidered and embellished with flowers, lady birds and other delightful creatures. Styles are as diverse and exotic as the countries represented on the myriad runways found in upscale venues across the city.  Whimsical flowing fashion wear and delicate layered dresses with asymmetrical hemlines share the spotlight with svelte sexy figure-hugging outfits that can rival the best-ever gowns seen at the Oscars! Watch Philipp Plein: Spring/Summer 2018  New York is the first stop in the annual Fashion Week whirlwind tour, with London, Milan and Paris next on the agenda of the influencers responsible for bringing sheer style into our lives.  As with every year, runway shows are exclusive events where only the who’s who of fashion gets the nod.  But there’s nothing stopping us from revealing a few runway secrets:

Local Designers Set to Wow Audiences

New York Fashion Week is where local creatives show off their dazzling creations.  American designers wowing audiences from 9 through 14 September include Katie Gallagher, Ulla Johnson, Janelle Finari and husband and wife team, Sachun & Babi.  Michael Kuluva’s Tumbler and Tipsy collection is on the runway, so too is Helen Castillo ‘New York’, Danna Karan’s Urban Zen, sportswear by Michal Kors and outfits by Carmen Marc Valva, Calvin Luo and Bohn Jseli.

International Designers Strut Their Stuff

In addition to the homegrown talent, there’s a flurry of young designers from all over the world who are making names for themselves in New York City. Bahraini duo, Shakiha Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and Shakiha Haja Mohamed Al Khalifa, working under the label Noon by Noor, featured an elegant collection rich in embellishments, emotive Arabic writing and bold red and white colours. The collection by Valhali S was billed by multi-layered dresses adorned in vibrant appliqués in soft neutral pastels and bright beautiful corals. Her styled coats in gold, black and navy are definite crowd pleasers and she successfully integrated the natural elements of India into her decidedly whimsical collection. Wang Toa, the doyen of contemporary ladies’ fashion in China showcased a spectacular collection that effectively combined East and West. Flouncy, flowing yet distinctly modern, her outfits are apparently inspired by the music of German composer, George Friedrich Handel.

Army styling at the Casino

Military styling featured strongly on the runways of Royal Vegas - a casino online with a bonus! You can find badges of honour, camo and khaki plus uniform styles on Bomber Girls, Battlestar Galactica and Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat.

Creative Collectives

In addition to collections by fashion houses and individual designers, there are several collectives featuring works by multiple artists.  Sechs Element shines the spotlight on seven promising designers from across the world.  Styles and genres are as diverse as the artist themselves but a common thread is an environmental consciousness depicted in the choice of materials. Coming up this week are the China Fashion Collective, CAFFD Emerging Designer Collective and the Black Accessory Designers Alliance Pop-Up Soiree, all of which promise to turn heads.

Live Streaming for In-Your-Face Fashion

Although you can’t get a front row seat to the crème de la crème of New York Fashion Week, you can watch live streams of dozens of ramp shows. Highlights include collections by Ralph Lauren, Italian designer Francesca Liberatore; German fashion luminary Marcel Ostertag and renowned Turkish designer Hakan Akkaya. Be sure to come back again next week as we reveal the showstoppers and insider secrets of the London leg of Fashion Week 2017!

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