Famous Celebrity Gamblers

They have worked hard-earned their money, purchased private jets, luxury cars or yachts or invested in real estate and bought anything their heart desired. What else is left to spend their money on? Gambling! Some of the famous Hollywood's biggest movie stars are reported to not only enjoy playing casino games, but some are addicted to gambling. Most of these prefer to play in the brick-and-mortar casinos - in front of the public as opposed to playing online. Here are some famous celebrities who are addicted to gambling:

Charlie Sheen

celebrity-and-famous-gamblers-charlie-sheen-hollywood-take Image courtesy of Hollywood Take His ex-wife Denise Richards estimates that he spends about $20,000 a week on sports gambling. It is claimed that this Two and a Half Men star, (who pockets 1.8 million per episode), become addicted to gambling in his youth.

Ben Affleck

matt-damon-and-ben-affleck Image courtesy of Phactual He enjoys poker and blackjack. He even won the California State Poker Championship in 2004. Ten years later (2014) he was banned from the blackjack table in Las Vegas after he became so good at it. He was quoted as saying "I became decent, the casinos asked me not play blackjack. I mean the fact that being good at the game is against the rules that the casinos should tell you something about the casinos".

Tobey Maguiretobey-maguire-poker-hollywood-highstakes

This spiderman actor loves gambling so much so that he's been 'sued for taking part in an illegal gambling ring'. 'He was known as a great player but a bad loser'. 

Tiger Woods

celebrity-and-famous-gamblers-tiger-woods-dailymail Image courtesy of Chris Bott - Daily mail It is rumored that Tiger Woods can bet as much as $25,000 in one hand when he's out on a night of gambling. This world famous athlete enjoys blackjack and according to casino executives at the Mansion in MGM, Woods has 'won $1 million on a nightly basis'.

50 Cent

celebrity-and-famous-gamblers-50-cent-celebslam Image courtesy of Celebslam What's the highest amount you've ever bet on? In 2012, 50 bet $500,000 on a championship between the New York Giants and San Fransisco.

Matt Damon

celebrity-and-famous-gamblers-matt-damon-beto-clock_1 Image courtesy of Bet O'clock Sometimes it boils down to learning something in order to do the job well. Matt spent $25,000 on gambling to prepare him for the role in the Rounder's movie.

Pamela Anderson

celebrity-and-famous-gamblers-pamela-anderson-worldwide-gambling-news Image courtesy of Worldwide Gambling news This Baywatch actress enjoys playing poker and it is rumored that her marriage to Rick Salomon was as a 'result of a $250K poker bet she lost against him' - much like Poker Alice. You may also like to read about the most famous female gamblers.

Michael Jordan

celebrity-and-famous-gamblers-michael-jordan-pinterest Image courtesy of Pinterest His gambling is so severe that it is rumored that his retirement was induced by gambling.

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