Could You Survive An Aeroplane Crash?

A plane Source:Lars_Nissen_Photoart Flying isn’t exactly fun. At best, you can hope for a tiny bottle of vodka and a rom-com to help pass the time. That said, soon you might just be able to win a jackpot on a plane. You may have already thought, "If cruise ships can have onboard casinos, why can’t aeroplanes?" It's a good point, actually. In future, it will be possible to access in-flight Wi-Fi when you are flying across the world which should make the whole business of flying less tedious. Of course, the aviation industry will rightly only allow people to use wireless devices once safety concerns have been fully tested. No one wants to crash just because their social media posts have interfered with a crucial part of the plane's operation, after all. All of which might lead you to think about crashing. Although aviation is one of the safest forms of travel, when crashes occur they are understandably catastrophic. However, not all aeroplanes that fall out of the sky result in the deaths of all aboard. There have been some remarkable stories of survival. What are your odds of walking away from a civil plane crash?

'Survivable' and 'Unsurvivable' Crashes

As defined by the aviation authorities in North America and Europe, there are two types of air accidents: survivable and unsurvivable. According to a report by the European Transport Safety Council, over 90 per cent of air accidents are, in fact, survivable. This is defined as an air incident in which there was at least one survivor and includes all incidents in which no one died. Therefore, only one in ten major accidents are deemed to be completely unsurvivable. Usually, these incidents come about when a plane has to ditch somewhere other than an emergency runway. That's why the Airbus A320 that crash landed into the Hudson River in 2009 following a bird strike was so unusual. Not only did the plane remain intact in the water but every single passenger and crew survived the incident. A British Airways flight that ditched into the Hudson River, New York. Source:Chris Gardner

How Can You Improve Your Chances of Surviving?

If you want to be completely free from the risk of surviving a plane crash, then you might think that avoiding air travel is the best option. Of course, you can still get caught up in a plane crash if one were to come down near to you! Nevertheless, there are some practical things you can do to give yourself the best chance of surviving if the plane you are on does suffer an accident. The first is to sit towards the rear of the plane. Although some aeroplane manufacturers contest this theory, independent analysis has shown that it is better - on average - to avoid being at the front. Survival rates also go up considerably the more people follow the safety advice they are given. Yes, that boring demonstration at the start of a flight could really save your life! In particular, you should note your exits because most passenger fatalities come about because of exposure to fire and smoke in the cabin. Getting out calmly but quickly improves your chances of surviving no end. In addition, adopting the correct brace position has been shown to vastly augment the chances of walking away from a plane crash.

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