Colouring Book Apps for Adults

Image: Image: Colouring used to be reserved for kids, and the occasional babysitter. But no longer. These days, adults are taking to colouring for a whole new set of reasons. What used to be a fun pastime with the kids has now become a health benefit with many therapeutic properties, including stress reduction. Here are the best colouring books apps for your mobile device.

Why colouring is good for you

Famed psychologist Carl Jung was one of the very first to prescribe colouring to his patients, and used to give them mandalas to colour in as part of their therapy. Today, colouring is just as effective, and is believed to generate wellness, quietness and stress reduction. The benefits of colouring:

  • Colouring helps you relax. Studies show that colouring can reduce stress
  • Colouring helps you focus. Both hemispheres of the brain are active; boosting coordination and concentration
  • Colouring helps unleash your creativity. There are no rules, after all

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The best colouring apps for your mobile device

1. Colorfy Image: Image:     Colorfy is free to download from iTunes and Google Play, and offers florals, mandalas and many other drawings to colour in. Functionality includes zoom, detailed images to choose from, and a wide selection of colours.

2. Color Therapy Image: Image:   Color Therapy by Miinu Limited is the #1 colouring app in iTunes, and includes beautiful ambient music to make your colouring experience even more relaxing. Some of the colouring tools also have sound effects, which can be turned on or off depending on your preference. Color Therapy can be downloaded for free.

3. Pigment Image: Image:   Pigment requires a lot more skill, and treats your finger like an actual pencil – thus, the experience is far more realistic than anything else. Tools include pencils, markers and paint brushes for a variety of effects.      

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