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Greta Thunberg Triggers Praise and Fear

Vegas Strip

Polar caps are melting, ocean levels are rising, the Amazon is burning—climate change is real and Mother Earth and Greta Thunberg are screaming at us for help. But why do we freeze while the planet boils? Why do we fear a sixteen-year-old girl in pigtails as we applaud big industries switching to renewable energy resources? A few years ago, the city of Las Vegas announced that all their municipal buildings and facilities would be powered by renewable energy. The news was met with excitement and inspired the brightly-lit Strip to increase their own efforts to go green. But as we cheer on the casinos’ renewable energy plans, we hesitate to stand up with Greta Thunberg. Across the globe, her message has been received with praise and awe, but also with a great deal of fear, resentment, hate, and worst of all, inaction. The Overwhelming Case of Climate Action Climate change is terrifying. Science tells us that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction caused by

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Famous Whistleblowers In Casinos And Politics

image of Edward Snowden, United States whistleblower

Ever since WikiLeaks was founded in 2006, the term “whistleblower” has been heard around the world with increasing fortitude and notoriety. Whistleblowers stand up for justice and keep organisations and governments in check, giving civilians a voice through the dispensation of critical and potentially dangerous information. Whistleblowers have even had a hand in keeping the industry accountable. Discover the top whistleblowers in the casino industry and in the history of politics with this run-down compiled by Royal Vegas. What Is a Whistleblower? Generally speaking, a whistleblower is someone who figuratively “blows the whistle” on an organization or company, public or private, who is committing wrongs against society. The whistleblower calls attention to these wrongdoings to end the injustice. When it comes to the federal government, whistleblowers are often employees who report violations of law or ethics. These watchdogs of the government report wrongdoings to the

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US Intervention in the Present Venezuelan Crisis

Nicolás Maduro

The United States continues to ramp up pressure on the beleaguered Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, and has just announced new targeted sanctions which are due to take effect from April, 2019. Previous measures were designed to impact upon certain government personnel and a limited number of economic areas. But, as the reports, this latest move singles out the country’s oil sector and the state-owned company PDVSA in an action which will threaten the source of 90% of the present Venezuelan government’s revenues. What does the White House hope to achieve? The US believes that Venezuela’s socio-economic and political crisis is largely due to economic mismanagement by successive Venezuelan regimes. For Venezuelans, this has created issues such as a healthcare crisis and prompted large-scale migration to neighbouring South American countries. And because the worsening economic situation could ultimately threaten the stability of the region, present White House policy is

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Pakistan’s First Transgender News Anchor

Marvia Malik in action on TV

There are few certainties in this world, but one certainty you can put money on is that times change. The world moves forward; things once seen as taboo become acceptable, such as being easily accessible via mobile phones, tattoos in the workplace, inter-racial marriage and women in pants! But many of these leaps forward can often even be largely overlooked. In Pakistan, however, the social media networks exploded with virtually everyone in the country sitting up and taking notice. Why? Because on March 23rd the country took its own giant leap forward. The country saw its first transgender news anchor go live, something that has never before happened in the country. And, of course, it was not just the people of Pakistan that took notice. The landmark event quickly went viral, and it wasn’t long before Marvia Malik became a hot topic across the globe. A Landmark Event It was at Kohenoor News, a Lahore based channel, that Marvia took centre stage. She did a sterling job as a

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5 Euro 2016 facts


Euro 2016 is nearly upon us, with the tournament set to kick off on June 10 when hosts France plays Romania at the Stade de France. Some football fans would argue that while the FIFA World Cup is the most watched and celebrated football tournament, the European Championships is the toughest football tournament to win. With 5 former World Cup-winning countries and some of the world’s best players participating, it would be hard to argue with that assertion. Here are some facts about Euro 2016: It’s going to have more teams than ever For the first time ever¸ 24 teams will participate in the European Championships, expanding from the 16 team format that has been used since 1996.  This enlarged format means that there will be Euro debuts for 5 teams (Albania, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, and Wales). The format is a little more complicated than previous tournaments Instead of the straightforward format that football fans are used to in the European

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Wave that flag for Australian National Flag Day

We're going to be celebrating Australian National Flag Day on 3 September and you’re invited to join in the celebrations with your share of 100 free spins on your favourite . Look out for the Flag Day email in your inbox. Click the Celebrate and win! button in the email to take part. Deposit at least of $30 and play your favourite game between 3 and 5 September. Winners will be credited on 7 September. More about Flag Day Flag Day commemorates the actual day in 1901 when the first Australian flag was flown over the dome of the Royal Exhibition Building in the capital, Melbourne. The flag was 5.5 metres by 11 metres in length and was designed through a competition held in the country during the time. You can look forward to ceremonies all across the country so enjoy the celebrations everyone! [google1]

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