Take A Walk Down Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

Feeling a little nostalgic? If you’re craving the neon lights of the 80s, then Electric Avenue is just the game for you. This fun new video slot is loaded with symbols from everyone’s favorite decade, and you’ll enjoy an impressive 4,096 ways to win! Check it out in the at Royal Vegas starting May 12, 2020. Walk It Back A Few Decades The 80s might feel like a long time ago, but they’ll be fresh in your mind as soon as you see the neon lights and hear the fresh tunes that are built into Electric Avenue. This 6 reel, 4 row slot was built with nostalgia in mind, and has all the ingredients for a tasty visit to a simpler time. Whenever you spin the reels, you’ll see 80s-themed symbols like retro sneakers, Polaroid cameras, soda cans, Rubik’s cubes, neon signs, and more. To really set the mood, the game is accompanied by a reel of the decade’s greatest hits, so you can get in the groove while you play. And, with all the retro graphics,

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Diamond Force™ To The Rescue

Diamond Force

It’s a plane, it’s a bird, it’s…Diamond Force™! Move over, Superwhatevers, Metropolis has a new team of superheroes and they are here to electrify your days and rescue your pocketbooks. Diamond Force™ is a quartet of heroes, each with its own power to bring you multipliers, credit awards, and wins of up to 13, 175 times your stake! This is no ordinary . It’s a high volatility 5-reel experience featuring 1024 ways to win! Brought to you by Crazy Tooth Studio and , Diamond Force™ is two games in one. Play the Base Game and feel safe and relaxed on your everyday metropolis, but—look out! Wham! Bam! —when the heroes join forces your game will be caught in a whirlwind of possibilities with the Team-Up Feature and the Team-Up Bonus Spins that feature up to 20 free spins and combined multipliers. Diamond Force™ will debut at Royal Vegas Casino on April 14th. While you wait, read on to learn more about how to play the game

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In Comes Spring Along With A Blooming Game

New game: Anderthals

Spring season is just around the corner and soon you’ll be forced out of the indoors by the curiosity of seeing nature flourish away. But the Lily of the valley and more majestic flowers aren’t the only things blooming this spring; a newbie on the block is about to take over at Royal Vegas Casino on 7 April. This slot game is bringing out the hidden campers in players without having to leave to the forest or remote camping sites. All the empowering forces in one game You have had enough time to watch all the episodes of Friends and suddenly it feels like there’s nothing new under the television sun. Anderthals™ is one of the latest new releases brought to you by , always a step ahead in innovative gaming. This time, a game with fierceness and power has come your way, and it’s nothing short of the action that drives players to spin their way to great rewards. Anderthals™ is a new and exciting video slots game boasting of 5 reels, 4 rows and 40

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Hospitality & Heritage

Mark Twain House

From hospitality to heritage, Foxwoods Resort Casino excels. This massive casino development offers all of the luxuries and amenities you’d expect to find at a gaming resort that’s as slick a business operation as an . This First Nation has an astounding story of emerging from a devastating past to achieve success in a hospitality enterprise that’s squarely built on the principles of community development. There are six casinos across 350,000 square feet, five hotels and 22 restaurants on offer, showcasing ability to welcome visitors at every turn. Dining & gaming The restaurants cover almost every aspect of North American cuisine, and you can enjoy a top-class steak or opt for that classic all-American dish, the hotdog. Tuck into a delicious pasta at Al Dente, Soul Food at Amy Ruth's, a generous buffet at Fox Harbour or an authentic Chinese dish at the Golden Dragon Café. It takes lots of energy to explore this expansive resort, so make sure to

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Día de los Muertos Explained

Pan de Muertos

As the autumnal season continues, the time of Halloween, All Saints’ Day and Día de los Muertos is upon us. To celebrate, we’re bringing you a spine-tingling , the Victorian-era whodunnit called Dark Matter, but we’re also giving you the information you need to celebrate these holidays correctly. Take Día de los Muertos, for example, or the Day of the Dead. This Mexican festivity is one of the country’s most beloved traditions, but people are often incorrect about its meaning. While many believe it to be the country’s answer to Halloween, it is actually a time to honour and pay tribute to the dead, complete with vibrant rituals, fascinating customs and mouth-watering cuisine. Discover the best of here and get ready for your new favourite holiday! Tributes and traditions Día de los Muertos is a time for families to get together and remember those they have lost. However, it is not a sombre or dark time, but rather one where people

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The Rugby World Cup 2019 - How Not to Be a Bad Tourist in Japan

Uruguay and Canada in play-offs for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

For the first time, the Rugby World Cup will be staged in Japan later this year. You might never become a rugby great yourself, but , Rugby Star, instead and experience some great success! If you are travelling to the tournament, then the game will provide some superb entertainment between matches. However, there are some dos and don'ts that any traveller to Japan ought to bear in mind, especially if it is their first time in the country. Japanese culture may embrace rugby union but the way fans behave differs from much of the west. What do you need to know if you are a rugby fan in Japan? Tattoo Etiquette In Japan, tattoos have a very different association than in the west. For many ordinary Japanese folks, a tattoo is thought of in the same light as criminality and even gangsterism. This means that it is best to cover them up, wherever possible. It is not that you will be thought of as a potential troublemaker, rather than tattoos are just a little problematic in polite

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What Is the Schedule for Gamescom 2019?

Gamers trying out the latest technology at Gamescom 2009.

If you like to , then there can be little doubt that Gamescom, which is entirely devoted to gaming entertainment, is for you. It is well established as the largest video game trade show in the world, a title it has held for some time. Whether you measure it by the size of the exhibition space or the number of visitors who come each year, Gamescom is the main event when it comes to the video game industry. Nearly every major game developer and publishing house will be in attendance in 2019. There is simply so much to gain by launching new games at the exhibition. Although there are some very big video game trade fairs in North America and Asia, the European show remains one of the most anticipated by both industry insiders and video game fans alike. Until 2008, the show was held in Leipzig, but 2019 will be the tenth anniversary since Gamescom moved to the larger exhibition facilities of in Cologne. What does the 2019 edition of Gamescom have in store? Key Dates for Gamescom

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Grand Theft Auto's Diamond Casino Means That Cash Can Be Turned Into Chips

GTA V has seen a significant promotional campaign.

The fifth iteration of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise has been hotly anticipated. Not only are there plenty of improvements to the sub-games within the free-roaming universe the developers have created, but there will be a significant new addition. Grand Theft Auto V will feature its own casino where you can hang out and play some of the best-known table games. The new gaming feature was launched just as regulators started to grapple with whether or not g with the same rules that an online casino must follow. What does Grand Theft Auto tell us about the state of the video game industry and its relationship with gambling? The Diamond Casino Rockstar Games, the developers behind Grand Theft Auto, has always courted a little controversy. It helps to sell games, after all. Even back in the 2-D era, in the late 1990s, it featured plenty of violence and criminality. The game was based on stealing cars, taking part in robberies and even conducting assassinations back then and

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The Schedule for Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego

San Diego's comic-con in 2009.

Comic-con events come no more thrilling than which is among the biggest and best of anywhere. The 2019 edition looks to be as exciting as ever with a jam-packed schedule for attendees to start drooling over. As we said in previous articles, if you think that the experience will overwhelm you, then you can always take advantage of the fact that playing blackjack for a while. That said, many popular culture fans will be looking forward to the various panels and screenings. How is the schedule for this year's event shaping up? July 18th Although there are some screenings on Wednesday evening featuring a few new shows, such as Batwoman and Harley Quinn, things really get going the following morning on the 18th. The Indigo Ballroom will see a panel made up of the stars of Van Helsing in the morning followed by a similar session featuring the cast of the werewolf series The Order in the afternoon. James McAvoy is one of the big screen stars who will be there to promote his show,

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Tips to Survive Your First Comic-Con Experience

Cosplay is a big part of comic-cons.

Comic-cons are staged on an ever increasingly ambitious basis in larger and larger arenas. As such, even if you have been to one before. Some of the biggest convention centres around the world are now hired to stage them, such as the large one in San Diego, California. As such, you need to be at least a little prepared before you turn up to your first comic-con. Want to release your inner geek and enjoy everything that a festival of popular culture has to offer? If so, then read on to discover the advice of a well-seasoned comic-con attendee. Plan Your Time Like any large event, a comic-con can mean that you turn up and spend hours and hours simply wandering about the place taking it all in. After all, there is plenty to see that will catch your attention. However, with limited time on your hands, you won't necessarily be able to get to everything you want, especially with talks and question and answer panels which are often only available at certain times of the day. Get

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