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Forbes Runs Down the Ten Most Influential People in the World

Vladimir Putin at a press conference

From presidents to tech giants, Forbes’ annual list of the world’s most powerful people is a who’s who of the world’s power players. Though you might not find any owners in the top ten, Denise Coates, the CEO of Bet365, is currently listed as the 388th wealthiest person in the world. Each of these figures is a staple on the world stage and each has their own influence that is shaping life as we know it. Discover these incredible men and women! The Power of Putin Vladimir Putin has certainly been one of the most controversial figures of the last few years and that looks set to continue in 2020. The has long enjoyed the favour of his citizens and the ire of the West, but his influence in Russia and further afield cannot be underestimated. Politics in the twenty-first century are heavily shaped by the dynamic between the former Soviet capital and the rest of the world and Putin’s position within the Kremlin looks secure for many years to come! Coming

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