Casino 101: What are wagering requirements?

Bet Image courtesy of   When you’ve just hit a big win at the casino, your natural tendency is to be overjoyed at the prospect of cashing out your big win. But are you aware of wagering requirements?   Euro notes Image courtesy of

What are wagering requirements?

Essentially, there are particular rules that are applied on any of the bonus credits that you receive, and every online casino has these rules in some way or another.  Therefore, before withdrawing any bonus amount, you will first have to fulfil wagering requirements.

What are the wagering requirements at Royal Vegas?

At Royal Vegas, you will need to wager your bonus credits at least 30 x before you can withdraw your money from the bonus account. For example, if you receive a bonus of $/€10, you will need to bet this amount 30 times until you reach $300. Once this has happened, the Bonus Balance is moved into your Cash Balance, and you can then withdraw any winnings obtained from the bonus. The Cash Balance is money that can be withdrawn at any time, while the Bonus Balance contains all bonuses received from the casino.

Why are wagering requirements necessary?

You should view bonus the same way as you would a gift card – and just as you wouldn’t be able to use that card in another store, the bonus amount can only be used at our casino. The bonus’s purpose is to ensure that you can extend your playing time at the casino and have a grand’ ol time.


There are 2 different balances on your casino account: a cash balance and a bonus balance

The cash balance is pure cash that can be withdrawn from the casino at any time and whenever you want. The bonus balance is the amount that you received from us at the casino. This amount will gradually be moved over to your cash balance once the wagering requirement shave been met. Have any other questions about wagering requirements? You are welcome to contact our customer support centrebetting images at any time.   rich-guy-cash                

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