Upsurge in Veganism Sees a Huge Festival Devoted to It

Vegan food is nutritious and delicious. Source: Pixabay The UK will host the world's largest festival devoted to veganism and vegan lifestyles. According to the event's organisers, Vegan Camp-Out will become the biggest festival of its kind this year, having seen increasingly more attendees since it first launched back in 2016. There can be little doubt that interest in both vegetarianism and veganism is growing, not least from the point of view of global climate change and meat production. In fact, you could say that veganism – once seen as a truly minority lifestyle pursuit – is really going mainstream. After all, you will even find that vegan dishes are making their way onto the menu of many a casino restaurant these days. Certainly, the people behind Vegan Camp-Out think so, which is why that have vastly upscaled their event for 2019.

A Festival Like No Other

Although it is perfectly possible to obtain vegan and vegetarian food at nearly every music and food festival staged in the UK these days, Vegan Camp-Out goes one step further. All of the food on offer, from vegetable-topped pizzas to dairy-free ice creams, will be suitable for a vegan diet. As such, it is an opportunity for like-minded people to get together, to try out new culinary ideas and to exchange their points of view on the vegan lifestyle. Vegan Camp-Out is, therefore, not like any other food or music festival because it really is the celebration of a certain way of life, one that is becoming more and more popular in the UK with every passing year. An array of tempting food will be on offer at Vegan Camp-Out. Source: Pixabay

Vegan Camp-Out 2019

This year's festival, which is only the third time it has been put on, will run from 30th August until 1st September. The organisers have hired the Newark Showground for the event, one of the largest suitable places for festival-goers in the Midlands. The tickets are aimed at creating as much of a buzz around veganism as possible and they start at as little as £45 for the whole weekend, which is competitive when you compare it to the cost of some of the more established food festivals around. In fact, the promoters of Vegan Camp-Out have said that they will donate £5,000 from their ticket sales to a vegan charity named Viva as a result of their expansion. Indeed, the festival's organisers say that they are planning on as many as 7,000 people turning up to the event – something that is on a much bigger scale than any other vegan lifestyle show you could name. Compare that will the 400 or so festival-goers who turned up to the first Vegan Camp-Out in 2016!

What's Going On at the Festival?

Of course, cooking demonstrations, food tasting sessions and discussion groups are some of the mainstays of food festivals all over the world and Vegan Camp-Out will have plenty of those to get involved with. In addition, there will be fitness sessions, yoga classes and plenty of live music to keep festival-goers in good condition and thoroughly entertained. At the end of each day's proceedings, Vegan Camp-Out will feature an after-party with DJ sets. James Aspey, a well-known vegan activist, will be among the keynote speakers at this year's event. Other speakers include Earthling Ed and Erin Janus, to name but two. In addition, Gaz Oakley – who is perhaps better known on the circuit as the 'Avant-Garde Vegan' – will be in attendance. Then there is Matt Pritchard of Dirty Sanchez fame who has been booked to appear, too. One of the musical highlights will be a DJ set from Shikari Sound System, otherwise known as Enter Shikari. There are more names being added to the roster, so keep an eye open if you are into veganism and the summer festival vibe.

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