7 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas Rock The House

a roulette wheel awaits a spin at a casino, similar to the wheel you could have at your casino party Source: Macau Photo Agency / Unsplash Holiday season parties are in full swing, with New Year’s Eve as the final big bash. To celebrate the dawning of 2020, you are undoubtedly planning the New Year’s Eve party to beat all parties. We hope this list of seven unique and rocking New Year’s Eve party ideas keeps your whole house swinging into the new year. From casino game themes to a classic pajama party, you will certainly find a party concept to make your New Year’s Eve celebration the most talked about soiree in your friend circle.

1. Casino Game Party  

Instead of bringing your entourage to the casino, bring the casino to them! Invite your closest peeps over for a fun night of classic casino games and light-hearted gambling. Starting with games, keep it simple and easy. Set up casino staples like poker, roulette, and blackjack. All these games are a snap to set up with some inexpensive supplies. Plus, the rules are straightforward enough that anyone can catch on with a brief explanation, which is always a bonus for a party. When it comes to decorations, it might be fun to add a mini red carpet, fake trees, and velvet roping to really capture the casino vibe. Other decoration possibilities include making big fake dice and decorating your doors like giant playing cards. Non-greasy finger food will keep your guests satiated and happily focused on the thrill of the games.

2. Wine Tasting Soiree

women hold wine glasses during a wine tasting party in Paso Robles Source: Scott Warman/ Unsplash Wine plus tasty appetizers plus a jumpin’ party soundtrack will keep you and your guests happily cheering in the new year. If you and your friends love wine and getting together for impressive celebrations, a wine tasting party is a perfect plan. You can go at this two different ways: keep it casual and have everyone bring their own favorite bottles of Chablis and Chianti or hire a sommelier for a fancy twist. A sommelier or wine steward will bring a collection of a quality, unique wines, offering a curated collection of reds and whites to keep the conversation and fun flowing freely all night. Add cheese, bread, and other tasty finger foods to compliment the libations.

3. Tarot Card Reading Get-Together

a pile of beautifully rendered tarot cards sit on a table Source: Jen Theodore / Unsplash Bust out your crystal ball and incense for a mystical evening no one will ever forget. Instead of everyone discussing their New Year’s resolutions, your crowd will be discussing their future predictions. To set this party up, hire a professional tarot card reader. Amid a cosmic setting bedecked with starry celestial banners and astrological decorations to help you get in touch with the astral plane, the card reader will give each guest fun and short readings. Make sure you offer appetizers and drinks to keep everyone chatting about their future in the upcoming year.

4. Pajama Party

woman in pajamas on a bed reading a magazine Source: Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash Comfort is king when you throw a pajama party for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Make comfy pajamas and slippers mandatory as you invite your friends to lounge, sip hot chocolate (maybe spiked with a little Bailey’s), gulp egg nog, and nosh on a potluck style dessert selection. Prolong the fun by inviting them to stay well past midnight for a real classic pajama party, staying in their flannels and footie jammies far into the wee hours of the new year.

5. Holiday Movie Marathon

Who doesn’t love holiday movies? Extend the Christmas spirit for as long as you can by hosting a holiday movie marathon party starting on New Year’s Eve day. Kick off the day by preparing vats of popcorn, filling bowls with Peanut Butter M&M’s, and other movie-watching snacks. Then let the block of holiday movies begin, including Christmas Vacation, Gremlins, Elf, The Santa Claus, and your other favorite classics.

6. Poker Night Party

a man with a stack of chips holds his cards from sight in a game of poker Source: Chris Liverani /Unsplash If the casino night theme does not grab you, maybe a straight up poker night will be your bag. Invite your friends to gamble in a friendly, jovial way that will make the evening fly, right up until the new year chimes at midnight. Keep poker light and positive by having guests simply trade $20 for a collection of poker chips. This will keep people from overdoing it, allowing just enough betting to fuel the game. Make sure you offer finger foods like sliders and chips and dip and plenty of drinks to keep the party lively until someone takes home the jackpot.

7. Roaring ‘20s Party Theme

Throw on a flapper dress or three-piece suit and dance the Charleston to a shindig that would make even Jay Gatsby himself have party envy. Exactly 100 years past the start of the Roaring ‘20s, we are entering our own ‘20s. Live it up in a timeless celebration by turning this bash into a costume party, complete with decorations that make your home look like a speakeasy and jazz rattling through the speakers. For extra cred, get your guests to whisper a set password before entering.   Do you need some more food ideas? You may also like this

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