64 Megapixel Smartphone Camera Technology Has Arrived

Source: Pixabay Just about every smartphone owner uses their camera to take snaps that are worthy of uploading to social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook, but few people who take digital photography seriously would rely entirely on such a device. Smartphones tend to be perfect for playing fun casino games, exchanging instant messages, streaming videos and for setting diary reminders but they have always fallen short when it comes to professional-level image making. That is until now, because Samsung has announced its first 64 megapixel digital camera. Other big names in smartphones will now probably follow suit with this level of technology in future generations of their products. What is the appeal of having a 64 megapixel camera in your phone?

A Digital Step Change?

Samsung says that it will be including a 64 megapixel in its Galaxy Note 10. Clearly, the idea is that the manufacturer will be able to justifiably claim that its new product has the best digital camera included in it of any smartphone on the market. That said, there are plenty of 48 megapixel cameras already fitted on smartphones, not least Samsung's very own Galaxy S10. Oppo, Huawei, Sony and Xiaomi all have similar products with extremely high-quality camera sensors, too. In fact, it is only Apple that is behind the field when it comes to the number of megapixels that are supported in its handheld devices. So, why does Samsung think that a 64 megapixel offering will make such a difference? After all, the differences in quality you see in a 64 megapixel image compared with a 48 megapixel one is very hard to detect on the relatively small screen of a smartphone. What's more, it takes a large amount of memory to store such photos. Is the technology all that it is cracked up to be? Source: Pixabay

A Photographer's Phone

As any digital photographer will tell you, the camera they use is only part of the story. Most photographers download their images not merely to free up space on their camera, but so they can edit and crop them professionally. The same sort of consumer is likely to be attracted to 64 megapixel smartphones. The fact that memory will soon get used up is unlikely to put such customers off as they are already used to using a larger device with a big screen for editing and storing their images. In addition, Samsung is hoping it will attract those tech-obsessed consumers who always want the latest iteration of everything. However, that does not mean that the 64 megapixel camera is something of a false idol. It certainly offers benefits to general phone users. For example, by taking a simple snap without zooming in, you can still get a stunning level of clarity by cropping out the unwanted sections and focussing on the bit you first wanted. In other words, general snappers can obtain professional looking images without necessarily developing real photography skills. So, if you are the sort of person who really wants to up their game when it comes to posting the perfect picture to your social media accounts, then a 64 megapixel smartphone could really be for you.

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