5 famous scream queens- then and now

HHS Today HHS Today With Halloween on the horizon, we thought we’d take a look back at some our favourite scream –queens- the actresses who became synonymous with certain roles in famous horror films. What has become of them and what do they look like today? Here are 5 famous Horror film actresses – then and now:

Linda Blair – The Exorcist (1973)

linda-blair If one is asked to picture Linda Blair, you’ll probably imagine her as the demonic-possessed little girl in the cult-horror classic The Exorcist. While Blair did end up having many other roles in films, she’ll always be associated as Regan from The Exorcist, complete with the terrifying image of her head twisted around her body. Today, Blair is also known as an author, vegan, animal right activist and philanthropist. But she’ll also always be known as the girl who crab-walked down the stairs.

Neve Campbell – Scream (1996)

 neve-campbell When the late director Wes Craven released Scream in 1996, it set a new standard for satirical comedy horror. The star of the Scram series was the relatively unknown Neve Campbell, who had primarily attained success at that stage on the small screen with the drama TV series Party of Five. Neve wasn’t actually the first choice for the role; Drew Barrymore was supposed to take the lead, but turned down the role due to a scheduling conflict (this led to a major surprise for moviegoers when the well-known actress was killed within the first 10 minutes of the film). Campbell went on to star in the 3 other Scream films in the franchise and in several other film and TV roles, having recently starred in Netflix’s hit series House of Cards.

Jaime Lee Curtis – Halloween (1978)

jamie-lee-curtis As the offspring of 2 famous Hollywood actors (Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh), big things were expected of Jamie Lee Curtis in her debut film, Halloween – and she did not disappoint. Curtis was reportedly only paid $8,000 for the film, which pales in comparison to her current net worth of $35-million. Curtis has since gone on to have a highly successful film career, and has also been strongly associated with horror films, which led to her current role in the television series Scream Queens.

Heather Donahue – The Blair Witch Project (1999)

heather-donahue  Remember The Blair Witch Project? This pseudo-documentary was all the rage back in 1999, with an unprecedented hype built around the film thanks largely to innovative marketing.  Perhaps the defining moment of the film is the close-up of Heather Donahue’s nostrils as tears run down her face. Most of the film, Donahue’s character can be seen running around the forest in terror in her gray beanie. Since that film, Donahue hasn’t exactly reached great heights, with only 10 years in total as an actress and 15 acting credits. 

Sigourney Weaver – Alien (1979)

sigourney-weaver Weaver is undoubtedly one of the most successful of the horror film actresses, but she will always be most well-known for her start turn as Ripley in James Cameron’s Alien. Interestingly, the role was originally written for a man, until the producers eventually decided to go the female route, even auditioning Meryl Streep for the role, before Weaver won the part. She subsequently starred in Ghostbusters and numerous other blockbusters, and has now been cast in the next 3 installments of the Avatar franchise. Wanna keep the Halloween spirit going?  Check out the 10 best zombie games and our zomberiffic new slot, Lost Vegas.    

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