5 Celebs With Good Luck And Gambling Fever

Ben Affleck Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia There’s nothing as thrilling as the anticipation while you wait to show your winning hand or watch the slot reels spinning into place. That’s why over the last few years, the gambling fever has grown dramatically. Hollywood’s finest aren’t immune to the fun of throwing the dice—you can see many of your favorite stars in Vegas trying for the jackpot, too. Vegas isn’t too far from Hollywood, so it’s a great destination for the stars to go relax and unwind. There are even celebrity poker tournaments all around the world where you can watch your favorites go head to head. They’re often for charity, too, with big events like St. Jude’s Against All Odds Celebrity Poker Tournament attracting celebrity players to raise money for a good cause. Here are 5 celebrities you might run into at the roulette wheel…if you’re lucky.

Ben Affleck

Two-time Oscar winner Ben Affleck is better known for starring in and making films, but you can find him shining at the blackjack and poker tables, too. He isn’t just getting by on his good looks though, he’s actually a pretty good player. He’s gotten training from professional poker players, and even knows how to count cards. In fact, he got banned from Hard Rock Casino for being a little too good and winning almost a million dollars across two visits. He was the winner of the 2004 California State Poker Championship, and also appeared in the WPT final that year. He’s known for giving away a lot of winnings to casino employees and wait staff.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Source: MTV International/Wikimedia We all know that J.Lo has moves on the dance floor and the stage, but she also knows how to work it in the casino. She got that from her Puerto Rican mother—Guadalupe Rodriguez. She’s a hit at the casino, and it’s rumored she’s won almost two and a half million dollars at slot machines in Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino.

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro probably caught the gambling fever when he was in Scorsese’s film “Casino”. He has a long history of putting money into resorts and casinos. He’s invested in resorts like the Nobu Hotel Manila, which is home to swanky hotels and casinos, with gaming tables and slot machines so guests can chase fortune in paradise. Robert De Niro Source: Angela George/Wikimedia De Niro’s latest investment is a project recovering a resort and casino in Barbuda. After Hurricane Irma hit the island and destroyed many of its buildings, he also pledged to work on recovering the rest of the island so it can return to its glory days.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz got her start at gambling when Ellen Degeneres sent her an invitation to play in a charity tournament of No Limit Hold’em. Apparently she originally didn’t want to come because she didn’t know how to play—but she soon found out she had a lucky streak. The actress, best known as one of Charlie’s Angels, proved that she wasn’t just a pretty face and action star, but she could play the game, too. She caught the gambling fever when she was winning during the tournament, and she kept on playing, reaching new celebrity in gambling circles for her performance. Cameron Diaz Source: David Shankbone/Wikimedia In 2010, Maxim was impressed by her skills and named her “Miss Texas Hold’em”. She’s often seen playing poker in casinos, taking a break from the celebrity life. Even the stars need to unwind sometimes.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is a top class tennis player, but just dominating on the court wasn’t enough. In 2010, he discovered that he doesn’t just have a good arm…he has a good hand, too. He took a liking to Texas Hold’em poker and says that it’s one of his favorite things to do in his free time now. Rafael Nadal Source: Carine06/Wikimedia He’s even gone so far as to say that when he retires from tennis, he’d like to dedicate himself more to poker, and even try to play in the World Series. He’s not the only sports star who’s graced the casino with his fame. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley, and Michael Phelps have all been known to visit the casino from time to time, since it’s a good way to relax and recover after hard training and competition.   Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? You may also like this.

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