10 Celebs With Degrees

10 Celebs With Degrees Source: SweetwaterNOW Celebrities are just like you and me, right? Only with a few minor differences… They get up in the morning, put their pants on one leg at a time, then eat their five star breakfast, courtesy of a personal chef. Also, they have degrees that they don’t make use of. Interestingly, there are a number of celebrities with secret lives, and whether it’s a secret passion for gambling or an Ivy-League education, these little-known facts make them all the more relatable. We’ve rounded up 10 celebrities who secretly have degrees, and you may well be surprised as to who is on the list!

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Source: The Indian Express Best known as a Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria is perhaps a bit more educated than the characters she portrays. She snagged a Bachelor's in Kinesiology, which sounds super impressive, and it is. It’s the study of bodies, and how they move, in greater detail.

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik Source: Jewish Telegraphic Agency Known for playing a smarty-pants in The Big Bang Theory, this lady happens to likewise be a smarty-pants in real life. She earned a PhD in Neuroscience, which makes you seriously wonder why she is spending her time as an actress.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian Source: GoodtoKnow You were probably hoping that this Kardashian was secretly also a neuroscientist, or at the very least a mathematician that knew how to win big at an online casino by using complicated equations and complex strategy. Sadly not, but she does have a degree in theatre arts. At least in this case it can be said that she is getting some use out of her education. Drama queen!

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman Source: Harper's Bazaar After doing her part in bringing the Star Wars universe into question with The Phantom Menace, Portman wisely decided to head to Harvard and get a degree in Psychology. Perhaps to understand how the script of the film made it to the production stage?

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell Source: YouTube A comedy genius he certainly is, and not making use of his degree in sports information at all. Though, the majority aren’t sure what such a degree involves, so no wonder he decided to start acting instead.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow Source: Variety Known for her role in Friends, which promptly earned her a million dollars an episode, Lisa Kudrow is also qualified as a biologist. Again, no telling if the biology education came in handy playing her ‘slow’ character, but she had the knowledge in reserve either way.

John Cho

John Cho Source: Vulture Most noted for being one part of the Harold And Kumar duo, Cho has a degree in English. It was via these studies that he said he gained an interest in acting, so for the most part his education really did pay off.

J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling Source: Grazia Daily The author of Harry Potter is one rich lady, but thankfully, her education didn’t have much impact on how she achieved her success. Rowling studied modern languages, including French, Greek and Roman.

John Legend

John Legend Source: CNN.com He sure does make great music, which perhaps in some way was influenced by his degree in English. Interestingly, Legend started his studies at the tender age of 16, so it turns out that not only can the man sing beautifully, he’s also incredibly smart too.

Uzo Aduba

Uzo Aduba Source: Conversations About Her Last but not least is a lady that actually did use her education to achieve the success she is known for. Aduba studied voice performance at Boston University, and is now a two time Emmy award winner on the popular show Orange is the New Black. Thank you Aduba, for proving that sometimes our education does really pay off in the way we imagined.

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