Hitman: Deadliest Weapons

Agent 47 is licensed to kill on the thrilling 15 line video slot and while he does a clean and professional job we seem to forget that no job can be done without his toys. As a tribute to Agent 47’s partners in crime we profile some of his deadliest machines:


Sniper Rifles

The Remington Model 700

600px-HMA_r700_1 hitman



  • Type:Sniper Rifle
  • Caliber(s):Varies depending on model
  • Weight:Varies depending on model
  • Length:Varies depending on model
  • Barrel length(s):20 in (50.8 cm) – 24 in(60.96 cm)
  • Capacity:3, 4, 5, 6 (internal) / 5, 10 (box magazine)
  • Fire Modes:Bolt Action

Sako TRG – 42

600px-HMA_sako_trg-42_1 hitman


  • Type:Sniper Rifle
  • Caliber(s):.300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum
  • Weight:2 lbs (5.1 kg)
  • Length:2 in (120 cm)
  • Barrel length:2 in (69 cm)
  • Capacity:5 (.338 Lapua), 7 (.300 Win)
  • Fire Modes:Bolt-Action


CIS Ultimax 100 Mk.3

600px-HMA_SPS_12_1 hitman


Type: Light Machine Gun

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO

Capacity: 20,30 round magazines, 100 round drum.

Fire Modes: Safe/Full-Auto (400-600 RPM)



Brügger & Thomet AG SPP

600px-HMA_h&k_UMP_1 hitman


  • Type:Machine Pistol
  • Caliber:9x19mm
  • Weight:1 lbs (1.4 kg)
  • Length:9 in (30 cm) (stock folded)
  • Barrel length:1 in (13 cm)
  • Capacity:15, 20, 25, 30
  • Fire Modes:Semi-Auto/Full-Auto

ST Kinetics CPW

600px-HMA_ST_Kinetics_CPW_1 hitman


Type: Submachine Gun

Calibers: 9x19mm, 5.7x28mm, 4.6x30mm

Rate of fire: 900 – 1100 RPM

Weight (w/o magazine): 3.74 lbs (1.7 kg)

Capacity: 30-round magazine

Length: 15.5″ (393 mm)

Barrel length: 7″ (180 mm)

Fire Modes: Safe / Semi / Auto


The video slot is themed on the blockbuster movie, and on the reels you’ll not only find  the guns Agent 47’s uses but his tools-of-the-trade, such as the deadly drugs, and the glint of cold hard sharp steel. Action packed, this is the  game to keep you on the edge of your seat as you venture into a dangerous game of fortune.


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What games to look forward to!


At Royal Vegas, we are passionate about constantly providing you with the largest selection of online casino games and ensuring that we continue to add new exciting titles to our lineup. It is with this in mind that we are planning the largest game launch in a single month that the casino has ever had. In total across all of our casino platforms, Desktop, Browser and Mobile, we will be releasing 7 new titles.

New Desktop and Browser Casino Games

Cricket Star

To celebrate the upcoming 2015 global cricket tournament (yes that one, the one that I can’t refer to by name as it would leave me open to legal action), this 5×3-reel 243 Ways to Win video slot features crisp bright graphics that encapsulates the very essence of the game… might have oversold that a little. Nevertheless, with a bunch of great bonus features and an impressive 1,050,000-coin jackpot, Cricket Star might just see you through a big win and enough dosh to take a trip to Australia to see your favourite cricket team compete.

Golden Era

With Hollywood’s award season is full swing, this 5×3-Reel, 15-Payline slot celebrated the golden age of film with ornate gold and red graphics and era specific characters. The game features a 530,000-coin jackpot, as well as a second screen bonus game that will see you choosing between 10 classic movies posters, each of which will award a cash prize. In addition the appearance of three or more Scatter symbols will trigger the game’s Free Spins game that will award 12 Spins with merging wild reels. If the classic Hollywood lifestyle is what you are looking for this February, then Golden Era is for you.

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The Week Ahead at Royal Vegas

Fresh from the weekend and with us at Royal Vegas Online Casino you can look forward to an awesome week ahead but first:


Australia Kangaroo

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The Perfect Weekend Guide at Royal Vegas.

The weekend is upon us and we at Royal Vegas Online Casino are here and ready with your weekend guide.

But first.

We would like to welcome Cricket Star Slot Game to the Royal Vegas family! The 5 x 3 Reel, 243 way slot is the ultimate game for all cricket and sports lovers.  Of course a game review post is coming soon but we would rather you played it and tell us your thoughts first.

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 Kick start your weekend on a high note and get with the action. There’s an order on that annoying we-will-not-mention-any-name and you, Agent 47 are the perfect HITMAN for the job. Be ready to encounter 18 Free Spins where wins are doubled. Select a weapon of your choice and remember pay back is one female dog. With the betting range from as little as a cent right through to 75.00 and rewards as high as 20 000.00 in base games and 40 000. 00 on the Free Spin feature I don’t see how you can miss your win.


Or maybe. Just maybe.  You want a quiet night in to be a Couch Potato. Simple and fun, the reel slot is great fun.  1 X wild substitutes and pays 5X winning combinations and 2 x Wild Substitutes pay 25 X winning combinations except when 2 or 3 occur alone on the pay line.

Couch Potato




You have the whole day to yourself to do whatever you like so why not take a seat at the Table and play any of our table games.






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Top Three Casino Villains We Love To Hate.

There’s a fine line between a hero and a villain, and with every epic casino block buster the blurred lines become evasive. When the gang of World War 2 82nd Airborne were recruited by Danny Oceans and Jimmy Foster to rob a casino, we secretly cheered along despite the unlawful act.

The gang, I dare not say thieves, turned into heroes we admired for taking five different Las Vegas Casinos to the cleaners.  Following suit were epic movies with the same agenda and suddenly- much to our amusement, villains became heroes in their own right!

Lester, Bishop, Davis, Sinatra, and Martin - Oceans Eleven

Ocean’s 11

Who can forget Le Chiffre, who brought terror to the poker game in the James Bond’s Casino Royale? The cool and calm villain we all loved to hate cried tears of blood – literally.  All the poker lovers and game lovers  alike were glued to the screen as the action unfolded, some secretly hoping Le Chiffre defeats the Blond Bond.


The Hangover had us dying in laughter, the hilarious film became funnier with every crazy twist. After Alan, the Las Vegas Casino was never the same.  His card counting skills bagged them so much cash to pay the ransom for the release of their  kidnapped friend.


Ed – “Isn’t card counting illegal?”

Alan – “No.  Its just frowned upon, like masturbating in an airplane.”

Phil – “I’m pretty sure that is illegal too.”

So are you a Villain or are you a hero? Visit our lobby at Royal Vegas and choose from games like The Dark Knight Rises™ and Hitman to name but a few.