Cryptocurrency: groundbreaking transaction method?

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In a digital age it seems the logical next step for monetary systems to adopt a digital footprint. This next step in the evolution of currency is known as cryptocurrency.

What are cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that makes use of cryptography for information security and anti-counterfeiting purposes. Cryptography, derived from the Greek kryptos (meaning hidden), is the science of information security and uses various techniques to ensure that information sent via digital communication methods remains secure. In layman’s terms, cryptocurrencies are a highly secure digital transaction method.

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Cruising with Tas

One VIP host’s view from the Fortune Lounge Cruise

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The 2014 Fortune Lounge Cruise has come and gone with 50 lucky winners and their partners enjoying an all-expenses paid Caribbean cruise adventure.

The 7 day cruise was held on the Goliath Oasis of the Seas cruise liner. In addition to life on the ship, passengers were treated to day trips to three of the Caribbeans most exclusive locations: the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Martins.

As one of the player hosts that accompanied the players on the cruise, VIP Host Tasneem had a unique perspective on every aspect that went into a successful cruise event. Tasneem, or as she insisted I call her, Tas, sat on the couch opposite me exhausted from what she described, very early on in the interview, as one of the most frantic yet enjoyable working holidays she had ever been on.

The onboard slots tournament

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Lucky Numbers come to Royal Vegas

Unlock your Lucky Number and win!

Luck Numbers come to Royal Vegas

Do you have a lucky number?

Enter the Lucky Number promotion on the Royal Vegas Facebook page and stand a chance to win 20 Free Spins on the featured game Avalon II – The Quest for the Grail.

How to enter:

  • Click Play Now
  • Submit the answers to the simple questions and your account number, and click Get Your Lucky Number
  • You lucky number will be generated and you can then share it on your Facebook timeline

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A first look at JURASSIC PARK™


Teaser video


It has 65 million years in the making, but JURASSIC PARK™ the slot is finally here!

This latest featured video slot from the masterminds at Microgaming will take the traditional slot game to the next level. The slot has completely done away with traditional reels and instead gone for a fluid form in which the symbols feel like they are floating unobstructed by the regular constraints of a slot. The slot gives the player the feeling that are looking through a window, a window that extends 65 million years into the past.

The following are a collection of screenshots showing the most exciting elements of JURASSIC PARK™ the video slot.

A view from the base game:

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